2 giugno 2010

Hogjaw - Ironwood (CD - 2010) The powerful new album ! ( English Translation )

The Ironwood is an extraordinary plant that lives in the Arizona desert in extreme climatic and environmental conditions, a towering plant capable of living up to 1500 years, thus a symbol of unmatched tenacity and power, that we find in Hogjaw's brand new CD, titled Ironwood, from Phoenix (Ariz) and of which I spoke at their debut in 2008.

With their debut album, Devil in the Details they already made it clear what they were made of, but with this new CD they stormed by force in the Olympus of the renovated and seething Southern Rock movement.

Immediately at first hearing the charge and bullying style of the band strikes hard, with incisive and powerful guitars of Craig Self and Jonboat Jones and melancholy voice and biting of the same Jones, combined with the incessant rhythm of Kwall's drums and Elvis DD on bass, with whom I had a pleasant exchange of emails and I learned him to be of Italian origin as well as a Gulf War veteran.

As soon as Rollin' Thunder opens you cannot fail to turn up the volume, its charge is a perfect and overwhelming starter to the subsequent Backtop and Three Fifty Seven, which has absolutely breathtaking riffs and scorching solos.

We find a little pause around the fifth track, County Line with typical old southern melodies and a long and beautiful final solo with an atmosphere reminiscent of the Skynyrd sound, and then resume to the initial power with Ain't ever gonna win until the final Hornsnowgglin that brings us back with our feet on the ground, throwing us in the deep south made of slide guitars and whiskey burnt voices.

A CD that is a real shot of adrenaline with really inspired songs, powerful riffs and fiery solos, but at the same time takes us away in the deep and dusty southwest rediscovering the old melodies of 70' Southern Rock, enriched with a powerful and aggressive sound I like to call Heavy Southern Rock.

A CD not to miss in your Southern record library, but I am convinced that lovers of good music and of the most powerful rock will like this too, a job which I believe is already among the best Southern Rock albums of this 2010.

I conclude with a couple of videos, the first of which is the live version of the track No 6 of this new album whilst the second is taken from the debut album of 2008.

Translated by : Alex 


HOGJAW "ain't ever gonna win" (without a little bit of sin) LIVE

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