17 marzo 2012

"Intensity" from SwampDaWamp - Anthem ufficiale della U.S. Super League di Rugby !

Una fantastica notizia per chi come me è un grande appassionato di Southern Rock e Rugby !

La U.S. Super League di Rugby ha appena adottato la nuova canzone dei fantastici SwampDaWamp intitolata " Intensity " come inno ufficiale della federazione.

Un degno accompagnamento musicale per uno degli sport piu entusiasmanti e divertenti del mondo, giocato da fantastici atleti in campo e fuori, e seguito da veri appassionati e tifosi.

Ecco il comunicato ufficiale e lo spettacolare video !

SwampdaWamp Is Making Big Hits With The Release Of Their New Song 


Sean Kelly, President of the U.S. Rugby Super League Announced "Intensity", written by SwampdaWamp, as their Official Anthem earlier this week. 

The Rugby Super League (RSL) was developed in 1996 as a result of the need for more visibility and a higher competitive structure for the sport of rugby in the United States. 

It was created by the management of 14 of the best rugby organizations in the US. The hope was to create a high level, national rugby competition in America; years later, there can be no doubt that the Rugby Super League has reached that goal. As the premier division of men's rugby in the United States, the Rugby Super League has placed rugby at the fingertips of the American audience. 11 teams representing 9 major markets across the US present opportunities for the broad exposure of the game. The Rugby Super League played their first season in 1997 with two seven club divisions; the Western-Pacific Conference and the Midwestern-East Conference.


Carolina Swampy Rock band playing Their own style of Southern Rock from here in the south eastern United States to fans all over the world. Their music is about everyday life their friends and family , the fans , and great stories about life and peoples experiences . "We are a family with our fans" Front man Gig Michaels implies. SwampdaWamp is a growing  brand of their own fun upbeat style of rock music that is edgy but appeals to the whole family and all ages, crossing musical divides, “but we also like to Rip it up man”  says Gig of this dualing lead guitar and huge vocal band SWAMPDAWAMP

The song Intensity is written as a journey through a players and fans eyes, through a rugby match and we hope we have caught not only the intensity of the build-up to a game , but also many of the feelings that the players and fans go throughout in a rugby match , which is why we bring the song down in the middle and then ramp it back up to a edge of your seat ending – that’s rugby man. We wrote the song so that it can be played at stadium level , in the dressing room before matches and commercially by fans or on TV- In short we hope that we have written a rugby song for rugby people to identify with and feel uplifted.
We hope we have a song that fans and players worldwide can relate too and it’s not an American song a European song or a New Zealand ,Australian, South African song it’s a rugby song for rugby people worldwide .  The fact that we are from the USA means that we hope our own Eagles like the song also.

Enjoy !!!