4 giugno 2014

Symphony X - Iconoclast ( 2011 ) Outstanding Prog Metal. Capolavoro !

Dopo l'ottimo Paradise Lost, un'altra perla dai grandissimi 
Symphony X.
Iconoclast è Prog Metal a livelli di assoluta eccellenza.
Un album potentissimo, duro e tagliente come pochi, senza perdere di vista la vena progressive che da sempre li contraddistingue.

Capolavoro !

Deluxe two CD edtion includes bonus CD containing five additional tracks. 2011 release, the eighth studio album from the Progressive Metal band. On Iconoclast, Symphony X deliver their most intense and thought-provoking album yet. Guitarist Michael Romeo is the mastermind behind five strong individual musicians who have been working together in a constant collaboration for years. Russell Allen is doubtlessly one of the most charismatic vocalists in the scene, helping Symphony X obtain the unparalleled position to command the utmost respect whilst maintaining their mystique. Truly one of the most innovative bands on the planet, Iconoclast is the result of years of hard work, dedicated craftsmanship and an innate sense of melody and hooks
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