16 novembre 2009

A proposito dello Zio Charlie...( Daniels )

Qualche giorno fa se ricordate ho scritto un post dove parlavo del grande Charlie Daniels , autentica icona del Country/Southern Rock americano, e sottolineavo il suo intenso e partecipato impegno personale nella difesa delle sue radici culturali, storiche e di una passione religiosa molto attiva e radicata.

Come dicevo praticamente ogni settimana da molto tempo pubblica sul suo sito web e MySpace un discorso improntato alla denuncia sociale e alla difesa delle tradizione e cultura Cristiana in America e nel mondo.

Ebbene, l'ultimo suo articolo ne è un esempio lampante, e lasciando da parte ogni considerazione personale sul credere o meno,  mi sono trovato molto in sintonia col suo discorso.
Ve lo riporto esattamente, ovviamente è in inglese ma comprensibilissimo anche per chi conosce un inglese molto scolastco come il sottoscritto.

Ditemi cosa ne pensate:

venerdì, novembre 13, 2009 

I want to make something perfectly clear, the God of the Jews and Christians, known as Jehovah, and the god of Muslims, known as Allah, are not one and the same.

If they were, the Creator of the universe would be constantly contradicting Himself, telling the Christians and Jews one thing and the Muslims another.

Radical Islamists send their sons out to die for Allah committing suicide and bringing death and misery in the process, Jehovah sent His only Son to die for mankind, bring salvation to all who will accept it in the process.

The radical followers of Allah believe it’s their duty to destroy anyone who does not believe the same way they do.

Jehovah created man to make his own choices even, concerning his own soul.

The Heaven of Jehovah is depicted as a place of great beauty, great peace and where there is no need for sun, moon or electricity as the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ is the light.

Radical Muslim suicide bombers are told that they’ll go to a sensual, male-dominated paradise where each will have his own harem of virgins.

And these are just a few differences, there are many.

Abraham had two sons, one by his wife Sarah, his name was Isaac and one by his wife’s handmaiden, Hagar, and his name was Ishmael. The Jewish race came from Isaac and the Arabic races came from Ishmael and there has rarely been peace between the races.

Some people think the word Islam means peace; actually it means submission.

Men have abused religion through the ages, bending it away from the will of God to suit their own greedy and sometimes savage purposes.

The Crusades, though perpetrated under the sign of the Cross, were cruel beyond belief to Muslims and Jews; In fact they were nothing more than wholesale slaughter and certainly did not represent the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Spanish Inquisition was nothing more than sadism running amuck serving only to make people hate and fear the Church and all who supported her.  Here again, the Inquisition was 180 degrees apart from the love taught by Jesus Christ.

The Crusaders and Inquisitors were but a handful of misguided fanatics who did a grave injustice to true Christianity, an insult to the faith they highjacked a part of to suit their own cruel purposes, just because they had the power and the means to do it.

I do not believe that most of the Muslims on Earth want to destroy all Christians and Jews, blow up busloads of innocent women and children and sacrifice their offspring to Jihad anymore that I believe all Christians would take part in a modern day crusade.

I don’t believe that every Muslim father would wantonly murder his daughter in an “honor killing” for violating the rigid dictums of Islam, anymore that I would believe that all Christians would participate in an inquisition.

The Word of Jehovah, the Holy Bible, calls the children of Abraham, ”God’s chosen people,” and God told Abraham, ”He who blesses you I will bless and he who curses you, I will curse,” yet radical Islam wants to destroy Israel, the children of Abraham.

God would be lying if He said He would bless the children of Israel and turned around and told others to destroy them, and that would be impossible since God can’t lie.

I do not hate Muslims and have absolutely no desire to destroy them all, however I do hate the acts of wanton violence done in the name of Allah.

I believe that Jehovah is the one God, Creator of all that exists and that Jesus Christ is His Son and that through Him is offered the free gift of salvation to all mankind, and I wish everybody felt that way but I’m not going to kill them because they don’t.

And if there would be such a thing as a Baptist suicide bomber or had it been a Pentecostal Christian who had killed all those people in Fort Hood, I would have stood up and condemned the act just as vehemently as I’ve condemned the Muslim major who did it.

I would have been quick in saying that what they did had nothing to do with the love of Jesus Christ and the majority of the Christian community would have stood with me.

Although I have heard just a trickle of condemnation from the Islamic community there has certainly not been a thunderous outcry and that desperately needs to happen.

One last thing, as Christians, it is our duty to pray for those that do not know Christ, that they will see His light.  That includes Muslims.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops, and for our country

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels