30 ottobre 2010

Preacher Stone - Uncle Buck Vittles ( 2010 ). The new album ! ( English Translation )

Who follows my blog knows by now, for this band of Charlotte I have great admiration and a feeling of true friendship as the constant exchange of mail and the wonderful gift I received during their debut in 2009 can confirm, a gesture that I appreciated very much and inaugurated a series of totally unexpected similar events for me.
Here is a brand new publication (official release Oct. 26) of the new, beautiful album of Preacher Stone, a year and a half after their debut of which I spoke in this post, a year and a half full of success, numerous concerts and awards but that has seen many changes in the original band formed now by the original leaders Marty Hill on guitar and Ronnie Riddle to voice, to which are added the excellent Josh Sanders on bass and Brent Enman on drums.

The album title refers to the small but delightful Uncle Buck's All American Pub in Salisbury (NC) and is a heartfelt tribute and gratitude to the owners of this music pub, Scott (Uncle Buck) and Judy Howard, great friends and supporters from the beginning and where the band is pretty much at home performing regularly and considering it their den and favorite place for sumptuous eating and drinking with friends.
Moving on to listen to this new work we find immediately the sound and style characteristic of the band, confirming that the change of lineup has not affected negatively, I would say that overall you will feel a greater variety of styles and a great overall blend, proposing an excellent mix of Classic, Country and Southern Rock music without getting too caught up in defined labels.

To open the CD we find Can not Keep a Good Man Down with a great attack of guitars and a rock / blues rhythm that, in my opinion, is the real trademark and style of the band, an excellent and convincing start to the album.
Following are Carved in Stone, an emotional ballad that is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to all veterans, past, present and future, to which is dedicated the whole CD.

Come On In immediately brings us back to country / rock atmospheres with a sound very close to the roots of Southern Rock, and Early Morning Rise is another track in the Preacher Stone style with scratchy guitars and a really enthralling bass / drums base.
The aggressive Nuff Said is exactly what I mean when I talk about classic rock music without a defined label just as the next and sweet ballad Hand on the Bible is simply a beautiful song with a wonderful message of love from parents to their children.

Funny and ironic, I'll Be Damned is a very nice interlude in pure country style, a prelude to the next powerful and rhythmic Save My Soul, a track that in its second half turns into a sweeping Southern Rock calvalcade with a superb solo by Marty Hill, really excellent and inspired throughout the whole album.

The album continues with Don't Take Me With You When You're Gone, another beautiful ballad where country and blues come together in a sublime way, with Ronnie Riddle on acoustic guitar and Marty Hill on dobro guitar as absolute protagonists bring us back on charming and evocative southern atmosphere,  typical of the Swampland.

At the end of this album there are two surprise tracks, Judge Me Not written and sung by bassist Josh Sanders on acoustic guitar here, a very special and amazing track as it somewhat differs from the style of the entire album but quite pleasant, a further demonstration of the variety of musical moods on the CD, and finally the excellent cover of the famous Beatles' Come Together, obviously in a scratchy, rough Southern version.

Band Photo Credit to RubyRed

In definitive a very interesting and enjoyable album, rich of musical styles and atmospheres that will satisfy anyone who loves good rock 'n roll while maintaining Southern Rock as attitude and main reference, a four complete musicians that work together perfectly, an album of wich they're very proud of and that has committed them a lot, but the result is really up to expectations and I am sure will be very satisfying as they certainly deserve.

As said the official release is scheduled for Oct. 26, but on their website you can book the autographed album, and on request with specific inscription, a further demonstration of the great availability of the band to its supporters.

In conclusion I want to thank very warmly the Preacher Stone for the great friendship and cooperation, especially Zane and Marty Hill, two very special people.
Welcome back my friends!

Translated by : Alex.