20 marzo 2011

Six Shot Revival - Greatest Hits, Vol 1 (CD - 2011). The Atlanta band's official debut. ( English Translation )

Here is finally available the first official album of Six Shot Revival, the excellent rock band from Atlanta, of which I have already told you in more than one occasion.

After a very successful EP released a few months ago followed by a fiery series of concerts, awards and a growing number of fans here is thus the first official album titled with a good dose of irony Greatest Hits, Vol 1, an album that contains 12 excellent tracks, and that fully satisfies all the expectations created with the previous EP Rebel Music.

In all the 12 tracks on the album you will feel a great atmosphere with a clever mix of music from the classic '70s rock and Southern Rock from which derive a good part of inspiration, references and attitude, offering a powerful and direct sound with the great Jon Brown on guitar, Steven Morrison on bass and Brandon Purinton on drums, but on the whole stands in the foreground the voice of Marc Philips, biting and powerful as in the best tradition of the great rock vocalists.

An album that is quickly collecting approvals from audiences and critics alike, a band that I highly recommend to follow and support.
Here is the player with thumbnails of the 12 tracks, Greatest Hits, Vol.1 and their link on CD Baby.



I close by thanking Marc Philips for the friendship and the pleasant exchange of mail, Thank You so much, bro!

English Translation by : Alex