12 giugno 2014

Allman Brothers Band to Release The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings Box Set.

The Allman Brothers Band hanno confermato l'imminente uscita del loro attesissimo e corposo cofanetto The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings. 
Questa edizione del loro leggendario live conterrà 15 brani inediti dalle esibizioni del 12-13 marzo e 27 giugno 1971, tra cui più interpretazioni di "Whipping Post", "In Memory di Elizabeth Reed "," Statesboro Blues "e" One Way Out ". Il box conterrà anche l'intero concerto del  27 GIUGNO 1971. 
The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings sarà disponibile dal 29 luglio. 

The Allman Brothers Band have confirmed the upcoming release of their highly anticipated box set, The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings.
ABB’s seminal live album At Fillmore East is set to get a makeover with 15 previously unreleased tracks from their March 12-13 and June 27, 1971 shows at the iconic New York City venue, including multiple renditions of “Whipping Post,” “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” “Statesboro Blues” and “One Way Out.”
The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings will also feature the entirety of the band’s June 27, 1971 gig, complete with the never-before-released introduction by Bill Graham. Another notable addition is the complete versions of the two takes on “You Don’t Love Me” that producer Tom Dowd combined for original At Fillmore Eastrelease.
The original At Fillmore East was recorded over the course of the The Allman Brothers Band’s March 11-13, 1971 shows at the Fillmore East. Venue owner (and all around famed rock music promoter) Bill Graham was so impressed by the band’s three-night run at the venue that he handpicked them to play the venue’s closing show on July 27, 1971.
The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings will be available on July 29. The box set can now be preordered in CD, LP and Blu-ray formats.
As previously reported, the Allman Brothers Band will be calling it quits after this year. The band has scheduled a finale run at New York City’s Beacon Theatre for October, as well as appearances the Peach and Lockn’ festivals.
The 1971 Fillmore East Recordings tracklist:

  • CD 1 March 12, 1971 – First Show1.   Statesboro Blues  4.08 (previously unreleased)2.   Trouble No More  3.48 (previously unreleased)3.   Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’  3.19 (previously unreleased)4.   Done Somebody Wrong  4.01 (previously unreleased)5.   In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed  17.05 (previously unreleased)6.   You Don’t Love Me  16.55 (previously unreleased)   

  • CD 2 March 12, 1971 – Second Show 1.   Statesboro Blues  4.12 (previously unreleased)2.   Trouble No More  3.503.   Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’  3.28 (previously unreleased)4.   Done Somebody Wrong  4:305.   In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed  19.50 (previously unreleased)6.   You Don’t Love Me  19.107.   Whipping Post 20.00 (previously unreleased)8.   Hot ‘Lanta  5.09 

  • CD 3 March 13, 1971 – First Show 1.   Statesboro Blues  4.202.   Trouble No More  3.483.   Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’  3.474.   Done Somebody Wrong 3.55 (previously unreleased)5.   In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed  13.00 6.   You Don’t Love Me  19.107.   Whipping Post  17.15 (previously unreleased)  

  • CD 4 March 13, 1971 – Second Show – Part 1 1.   Statesboro Blues  4.19 (previously unreleased)2.   One Way Out  4.30 (previously unreleased)3.   Stormy Monday  10.144.   Hot ‘Lanta  5.005.   Whipping Post  22.00  

  • CD 5 March 13, 1971 – Second Show – Part 2 1.   Mountain Jam  33.002.   Drunken Hearted Boy (with Elvin Bishop)  7.30  

  • CD 6 June 27, 1971 – FILLMORE EAST Closing ShowIntroduction by Bill Graham  (previously unreleased)
1.         Statesboro Blues  5.52
2.         Don’t Keep Me Wonderin‘  3.34
3.         Done Somebody Wrong  3.37
4.         One Way Out 5.01
5.         In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed  12.44
6.         Midnight Rider 3.01
7.         Hot Lanta  5.41
8.         Whipping Post  19.17
9.         You Don’t Love Me  17.56

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