20 agosto 2014

ION VEIN - New album and check out the "Anger Inside" lyric video and "Alone" picture video !

Ion Vein, una grandissima band da Chicago, un prog/power metal di grande impatto e dinamicità.
Anni di carriera discontinua e un grandissimo ritorno con questo album uscito nel luglio 2014.

Consigliato !

ION VEIN's self-titled new album shows the band re-tooled, re-focused and re-energized in a way that captures the essence of their song-oriented and technically-skilled metal intensity. Also, a top notch production drives these pounding, meaty canvases to cut into the very core of your soul, while breathing new life into today's world of music. For fans of Metallica, Dio, Iced Earth and more!...(from Amazon)

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